We are currently monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak in our local community. In accordance with Federal CDC, Florida Department of Health, and local guidelines, we are currently requiring all patients to take the following precautions:
  1. All visitors to our office are asked to wear a mask or face and nose covering.
  2. All patients over age 18 should come unaccompanied, and all patients below age 18 should come with only one parent or guardian. No additional visitors will be permitted in our office.
Our office remains available for routine, urgent, and emergency eyecare at (850)-671-5558. On behalf of Dr. Brian Sherman and our staff, please stay safe. We will get through this together.
Dr. Brian G. Sherman, M.D.


As we all age, the upper level of fat in our faces falls, bringing the underlying muscles closer to the surface. While this happens, the natural wrinkles in our faces begin to show and our lips lose volume. Fillers can help to counteract this effect by providing a boost to the volume of the face, bringing back the smoothness of before.

Dr. Sherman is adept at using various fillers such as Restylane and other fillers to help bring back volume to the face and neck, restoring your youthful appearance.