We are currently monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak in our local community. In accordance with Federal CDC, Florida Department of Health, and local guidelines, we are currently requiring all patients to take the following precautions:
  1. All visitors to our office are asked to wear a mask or face and nose covering.
  2. All patients over age 18 should come unaccompanied, and all patients below age 18 should come with only one parent or guardian. No additional visitors will be permitted in our office.
Our office remains available for routine, urgent, and emergency eyecare at (850)-671-5558. On behalf of Dr. Brian Sherman and our staff, please stay safe. We will get through this together.
Dr. Brian G. Sherman, M.D.


Blepharitis is inflammation or infection of the eyelids. It can be a chronic condition which can affect both children and adults. It can be caused by bacterial overgrowth on the eyelids and associated with skin conditions such as rosacea and seborrhea.

Symptoms of blepharitis: crusting of the eyelashes, redness of the eyelid margin and chalazion (stye) formation

Treatment options include depending on the severity: eyelid scrubs with medicated wipes or dilute baby shampoo, warm compress, antibiotic eye drops and oral antibiotic medication