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Dr. Brian G. Sherman, M.D.


A chalazion is a localized bump in the eyelid. It can occur on either upper or lower eyelid and more than one can occur at a time. It occurs due to a blockage in the small glands located along on the eyelid margin (Meibomian gland). When the gland becomes blocked, the oil back up in the eyelid and form a bump.

A photograph of a patient with a chalazion
A patient with a chalazion on the left eye.

Treatments for Chalazion

A frequent warm compress is the first line of treatment. Some patients find it helpful to use rice bags or gel packs to maintain the heat for longer. If started soon after the chalazion develops, the warm compresses can resolve over 50% of the chalazia. Other treatment options include antibiotic eye drops or oral antibiotic medication. For the chalazia resistant to medical management surgical drainage may be an option. For younger children and those unable to cooperate for the procedure in the office, general anesthesia may be required.

Prevention of Chalazia

A regular regiment of eyelid hygiene consisting of eyelid scrubs with medicated wipes or dilute baby shampoo can reduce the frequency of developing new chalazia. For those patients with frequent chalazia topical and oral antibiotics may be indicated. Also, avoiding rubbing the eyelids can help lower the bacterial count on the eyelashes and reduce the incidence of chalazia.