Adult Strabismus

A significant part of Dr. Sherman’s practice is treating adults with misaligned eyes (strabismus). Adults with strabismus may have symptoms of double vision. Fortunately, various treatment options including prismatic glasses and surgery are available for adults with strabismus. Most adults with misaligned eyes are able to have successful surgical correction.

AdultStrabComp (2)

Adult strabismus can be associated with residual strabismus from childhood or can develop later in life. Adult onset strabismus can be associated with neurological conditions (stroke), injury or thyroid disease. Many patients who develop strabismus during adulthood can have double vision.

The symptoms of diplopia can sometimes be improved with the use of prismatic correction in eyeglasses if the misalignment is small. For larger angle misalignment, eye muscle surgery may be indicated. Also, strabismus affects adults in emotional, social, and economical ways. Realigning the eyes can “reconstruct” the abnormal appearance of the eyes providing a better quality of life.
Surgical correction of adult strabismus is not considered cosmetic surgery and is restorative. It is usually covered by most commercial insurances and Medicare; however, one should check with their medical insurance carrier to determine coverage with their specific policy.
Some of Dr. Sherman’s most thankful patients are the adult patients who he has surgically corrected after they suffered for many years with misaligned eyes.  Please see on the left two photos of Dr. Sherman’s patients before (above), and following (below) surgery.